About Us

Research carried out for Unicef in 2018 revealed that children on the school run and while they are in the school playground, are disproportionately exposed to higher doses of air pollution. 

We are a group of parents who have worked on improving air quality in our own children’s schools and we would like to share what we have learnt over the last few years, highlighting all the great resources and practical solutions we have found so far.  

We want to expand our grassroots network as well as campaign for more anti-air pollution measures and funding to be made available for schools by both local and central government.

Meet the Team

“I had no previous experience in crowdfunding nor any deep knowledge about air pollution. In less than 3 months I raised almost £100k and improved the air around my son’s school by 37%.

If I could do it, everybody else can.

Andrea Carnevali
Photo of Andrea

Andrea is a father of one and Bafta award winning film-maker. He has successfully crowdfunded and implemented the first comprehensive ‘Clean Air improvement scheme‘ at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Chiswick, London. 

“A group of parents and myself are concerned about air pollution at our kids’ school, so we formed a ‘Clean Air Council’ under the PTA.

We gave a presentation to the school and this brought focus and galvanised action.”

Kate Hollis
Photo of Kate

Kate, a founding trustee of the Tommy Hollis Children’s Fund since 2010, who heads the St Peter’s Clean Air Council at St Peter’s C of E Primary School, Hammersmith in London.

“I spent hours on the internet researching air pollution and what to do about it as a parent – we all did.

We want to shortcut that effort and share what we already know. Plus learn more from others in the process. There’s lots more we can do together.”

Amy Rennison
Photo of Amy.

Amy, mother of two boys at Latymer Upper & Prep Schools, Hammersmith in London.

She’s an adviser for the air sensor developer Airly

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