Clean School Air

Clean School Air

Many schools in the UK are places where levels of air pollution are dangerously high, especially if they are close to busy roads.

Clean School Air is a not-for-profit campaigning and resources group here to help parents and schools who want to improve the quality of the air for their children.

Our focus is on schools – but we support the mission to improve quality for everyone.

Air Pollution

The air pollution crisis is global.

9 out of 10 people on the planet breathe contaminated air.

World Health Organisation

It is estimated that approx 40,000 people in the UK die early because of the effects of air pollution.

Royal College of Physicians

Covid-19 has exacerbated the extent of the air pollution crisis and even small increased levels of air pollution can raise the number of Covid deaths.

Data from ONS

Exposure increases the risk of cardiac, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases.

Annual Report of Chief Medical Officer 2017 – Health Impacts of Air Pollution


What can we do for our schools?

Campaign Groups

Advocate for better air quality with other parents.

Find Funds

Where you can get the finances for your clean air improvements.

Go Green

Plants, inside and outside, can help purify the air.

Change Behaviour

Modify actions that cause air pollution and reduce exposure.

On the Inside

Techniques and equipment to improve air in classrooms.


Information packs and guidelines for schools on how to tackle air pollution

This is a list of private companies selling products and services that schools might want to use in their air pollution reduction programmes.

These companies are not endorsed by CleanSchoolAir and the list is not comprehensive

Case study

Chiswick Oasis – St Mary’s Primary School

After St Mary’s Primary School in Chiswick, London, was listed as one of the 50 most polluted primaries schools in London, a group of parents got together, turned the news on its head, and transform the school into one of the greenest: a model for all the others to follow.

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