A list of private companies (in alphabetical order) who sell products and services that schools might want to use in their air pollution reduction programmes.

The following companies are not endorsed by CleanSchoolAir and the list is not comprehensive.

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Air Monitors

Airly – Provides ultra-local, accurate, predictive air quality monitors and data.

Airthings – Smart radon and indoor air quality monitors

CO2 Meter – Monitors, Meters and Sensors for gas measurement and control.

Earthsense – Air quality sensors and advanced pollution modelling

Sense Monitor – a smart air quality monitor measuring 6 indoor air quality factors (CO2, H2O, VOC, sound, light and temperature).

uHoo – Indoor air monitors for homes and businesses

ZiggyTec – With real time monitoring and alerting, you will know immediately when the air quality is faltering

Air Purifiers

Airbon – Cost-effective air purifiers for schools with calculators to help you work out which purifiers can give you 3-5 air changes per hour

IQAir – Air Purifying solutions for schools

Nevadaair – ActivePure® Technology Has Been Proven To Kill Pathogens And Contaminants.

Urban Air Purifiers – Purifier solutions for different environments

Check out Which? for Independent assessments.

Air Quality Apps

These all use public data (e.g. reference stations) and format it in a useful way for a user via an app.

Air Matters
AQI (Android Only)

London air

Green infrastructure

ANS Global – High-quality living walls, leading the way in environmentally friendly designs.

Aquaten – A new concept in pollution control and water attenuation.

Breathing Space – Revitalising people and places through garden therapy and design

Hedera Screens – Green infrastructure products: green Screen Living Wall and Green Roof products that improve air quality

Scotscape – Living wall green wall infrastructure sustainable landscaping and maintenance services throughout the UK and Europe

Vertical Meadow – Living walls for both temporary and permanent facade applications. They have been specifically designed to boost biodiversity, cut noise pollution and reduce stormwater runoff.

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